Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does JROTC do?

Caver JROTC develops productive and successful graduates of sound character and moral judgment through professional studies, leadership theory and application, disciplined training, community service, citizenship, and teamwork. JROTC provides physical education two days a week. One day a week is devoted to improving attention to detail and teamwork through drill. The other two days are spent in class learning to become better citizens.

Does JROTC recruit for the military?

No. The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. Recruiters are not invited to the program.

Do I have to shave my head?

No. However, a neat hair cut is required. Students must dress for success during inspection periods.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Cadets wear uniforms once a week and when participating in some JROTC events or representing JROTC. Cadets wear PE clothes twice a week and regular school clothes the other two days.

Can I still participate in activities outside of JROTC?

Yes! JROTC encourages students to get involved in other school activities. Cadets are involved in sports, ASB, Cheer, advanced placement class studies, and other clubs.

What types of classes are taught in JROTC?

The JROTC curriculum consists of Citizenship civic, economics, geography, health, language arts, life skills, life work, self-regulation, thinking and reasoning, U.S. history, and working with others. The six units of instruction are 1) Citizenship in Action, 2) Leadership Theory, 3) Foundations for Success, 4) Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid, 5) Geography, Map Skills, and Environmental Awareness, and 6) Citizenship in American History and Government.

Are there special regulations I have to follow?

Yes, although not to the extreme. There are, however, regulations about the personal appearance of cadets, wearing of the uniform, and even how to address the other military personnel and cadets. For example, males are not permitted to wear an earring(s) in the classroom, and females are only allowed one pair of earrings, one earring in each ear. On uniform day, males' hair may not go past the ears, lengthwise, and female cadets must have their hair off the collar.

What kind of recognition can I get by participating in the program?

There are a large number of awards and certificates which cadets earn for participation and achievement in the program. Some are given by the unit, but others can be awarded by local military organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Military Order of Purple Heart, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Certificates for performing community service are awarded that can be used towards high school graduation requirements. Involvement, good leadership traits, and being an active participant of the program are important criteria for awards.

Can JROTC help me get into college?

Yes, JROTC can help you get into college, and might even help you pay for it. Most universities consider many criteria during the selection process. While strong grades and high SAT/ACT scores are important, they also consider 1) extracurricular activities such as sports, ASB, clubs, civic organizations, and community service, 2) special skills learned at a part-time job, work-study, or hobby, as well as mastery of a musical instrument or speaking a second language, and 3) leadership skills. Leadership skills can be gained by leadership positions at ASB, clubs, or sports teams; they can also learned at JROTC. JROTC specializes in leadership excellence.

JROTC provides opportunities for students to assume real leadership positions on the first day of class. They are taught and tested on leadership theory, and put their skills into practice on a daily basis. Caver Cadets are also able to earn a Varsity Letter through JROTC and perform a lot of meaningful community service.

Some Cadets decide to apply for military service academies or College ROTC Scholarships. In both cases, JROTC enrollment can significantly improve the chances of these students receiving full or partial scholarships for all four years of college.

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