JROTC Varsity Letter

1. This information provides guidance for the qualification of cadets to be authorized wear of the San Diego High School AJROTC Varsity Letter.

2. Cadets who are enrolled in the Army Junior ROTC Program at San Diego High Educational Complex are eligible to earn their San Diego High School Varsity Letter. The varsity letter represents a high degree of proficiency achieved by the cadet in a certain area. The letter is awarded to cadets for their participation and accomplishments in many areas, such as athletics, academics, and AJROTC.

3. To earn the letter the standards are high. It is approved and awarded by the Senior Army Instructor. All of the following criteria must be achieved.

a. Complete two seasons on a competitive, JROTC team (Academic/Leadership, JLAB; Archery; Regulation Drill, i.e., Color Guard, Platoon, Squad; Physical Fitness Team; Armed Drill Team; and Unarmed Drill Team).

b. Participate in five JROTC competitions at the Brigade level or higher.

c. Be enrolled as a third or fourth year cadet (exception is a senior, second year cadet, transferred to San Diego from a high school without JROTC).

d. Hold the cadet rank of cadet Sergeant First Class or above.

e. Have a 3.0 GPA or above in JROTC.

f. Have an overall school GPA average of "C" (2.00 regular) or above.

g. Know, represent and embrace the Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage (LDRSHIP).

4. A varsity letter represents "the best of the best" in a program; therefore, these standards are rigorous. The varsity letter will be presented at the end of year awards ceremony.

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